You have seen it on TV, you’ve heard it from the experts, came across countless articles and factoids, even your mother told you not to do it, and yet we all have skipped “the most important meal of the day” aka breakfast.

If you don’t eat breakfast you’ll probably be hungry mid-morning, and be more tempted by unhealthy snacks (morning muffin, anyone?).

Studies consistently show that if you eat breakfast you’re less likely to become overweight, and a nutritious breakfast can help reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Skipping the first meal of the day has also been linked to reduced intake of calcium and dietary fiber.

Tapping into consumers’ increasing demand for meals on the go, liquid breakfasts are a growing category in the shopping aisles.

Ready-to-have breakfast drinks appeal to that morning rush hour when kids have to be fed and sent off the school; parents are busy packing lunches and driving to training or music along with getting ready for their own day, & working professionals who are always in a hurry.

In this society which is more interested in increasing consumption than in providing the time in which consumption can take place, a delicious breakfast ready for you anytime and anywhere is a miracle. And that is exactly what Zago Life Breakfast Shakes are. A Miracle.

Breakfast shakes by Zago Life are filled with the goodness of Australian oats, proteins & vitamins to kick start your day with the right boost. Available in 3 flavors – Almond, Chocolate & Mango, each bottle not only keeps you fuller for longer but is also a great way to stay in shape. It’s balanced nutrition in the most convenient form.

Let us see how they fare on various parameters:


Chocolate – The most favorable flavor out of all three. A mildly thick but wonderfully smooth texture and darker in color than the other shakes. It had the best consistency out of the three flavors I tried. Not only did it not have the chalky, meal supplement-like furry taste of other brands, it also lacked any unpalatable aftertaste. The actual chocolate taste was perfect; more of a sweet chocolate flavor than a bitter dark type and the oats flavor added a mild base – just like a secondary note of a perfume adding depth and solidity to the taste.

Mango – From the first whiff you could detect the aroma of mangoes. This flavor variant comes as close to a home-made mango shake as possible with all the goodness of oats – again as a secondary base flavor.

Almond – Amongst the three, this has the strongest flavor of oats. Delicious, creamy and rich with a lightness to it, the almonds in this flavor make it a power packed breakfast option.



There’s a solid ratio of macros and a good combination of vitamins & minerals to start your day. Dietary oats fiber helps replenish glycogen stores after a morning run or exercise. With only 195 calories on an average per bottle, it is a light option, also good for people looking to watch calories.


Oat bran tends to settle at the bottom of any drink and would form a thick sludge in a drink like this. Ever blended up an oat bran smoothie? You’ll soon see the bran settle to the bottom! However, with just one shake before opening the lid, the drink remains consistent throughout without any unwanted sediment.


Its re-sealable lid and handy-dandy design makes it easy for you to tuck it in your purse, car or gym bag.

Store in the fridge if you prefer it cold but can also be stored in the cupboard. It’s positioned as the thing you grab on those days when you are racing out of the door.

The bottom line

This ready-to-drink breakfast shake by Zago Life is a convenient way to get much needed macros and nutrients in your body on your walk or drive home from the gym.

Zago Life Breakfast Shakes are a delightful offering of delicious, nutritious portable breakfast solutions that allow consumers, on those days when they don’t have time to sit down with a bowl and spoon, to have breakfast on their terms.

Where to buy?

Zago Life

Amazon India


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