There are those men that see their daily shave as just another chore, then there are those who see it as one of their most masculine duties and privileges. It’s what separates the modern beardsman from the stereotypes of yesteryear.

But guess what? Beard envy is a real thing gentleman.

And if you’re on the beard bandwagon (the fuller, the better), you’ll know facial hair demands care and attention. With an increasing number of tools, lotions and styling aids to keep things on the right side of tramp chic, I only trust the best – Gangs of Beard.

The Lumberjack Kit by Gangs of Beard contains four great products for beard which (and I stand by it) should be in every groomed blokes toiletry bag.

Here’s the list of products the kit contains:


  • 50 ml GOB Beard Oil – A few drops of this oil smoothed onto your beard daily will moisturize and invigorate any lackluster face fuzz. A powerful combination of as Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil,  hydrates the skin and helps to soften and tame unruly beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent. It also makes your beard smell nice, which is a bonus – especially if you want someone to nuzzle into it. Just sayin’.


  • 100 ml GOB Beard Wash – Hair care don’t care? Well, mate you should!  Expertly designed to restore the lost natural oils and remove all smells and debris in your beard,  this beard cleanser offers you a healthy, fuller-looking, shiny beard. Because of its ability to replenish natural sebum oils, this shampoo moisturizes facial hair making them itch free and soft with reduced chances of split ends and dandruff.Just a small amount will create rich lather to delightfully massage your entire beard. It will make your facial hair smell manly while ditching the soapy odor of generic shampoos.


  • 100 ml GOB Beard Softening Lotion – This beard lotion will condition your pride & joy and moisturize skin underneath, combating beard itch. Not only will it stop your facial hair getting dry and brittle, it also gets easily absorbed. Use on your hair too if you’re after a slick Don Draper vibe (just kiddin’).


  • GOB Moustache Wax – This isn’t just for your ‘tache, it also works on unruly beards. It’s thick so just a small bit will hold everything in place. Whether you’re going for a handlebar, rock star, porn stache, or any of the other mustache styles, GOB Moustache Wax makes it possible to achieve your dream stache style. Guilt-free follicular greatness!

Gangs of Beard has made the days of a wispy, stringy, greasy little chinstrap a thing of past, and replaced them by a new dawn as rays of sunshine emanate from your luscious new Spartan jaw bush.

Beard on!!!

Where to buy?

Here & here.



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