I bought a denim shirt last fall and still find that it’s one of my all-time favorite pieces of clothing. They are one of the most versatile piece of clothing; some have long sleeves, some have short, some are light, some are dark, some are printed, but one thing is for certain, these denim shirts will definitely be the perfect option to wear in the warmer months!

Some people shy away from wearing them since they are clueless how to style them in summers. In fact,  it’s pretty much a no-brainer since they go with everything. If you don’t already have one, go out and pick up a basic denim shirt. Seriously. Do it now. During the spring and summer months, there’s nothing more classic—or more comfy.\

Just layer them over a tank or pair them with some denim shorts or jeans for that double denim look, either way, you will definitely be on trend!

I have rounded up some completely easy ways to style the awesome blue essential!

Denim on Denim

There’s no such thing as too much denim this year. Wear your favorite denim shirt over your favorite ripped jeans.

unnamed (46).jpg

If you are feeling a bit edgy, opt for a denim-and-leather combo.



Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

In case you haven’t figured it out already, jorts are a combination of jeans & shorts! They come in a variety of colors just like jeans do.

Dress them casually; what could possibly go wrong with denim printed shorts and a basic tee. Or for a more polished look pair don’t be afraid to dress them up a little with simple cotton shirt and come loafers.


To create a laid back look that oozes cool, layer your denim shirt with a simple basic vest or tee, keeping all the buttons undone for a breezy summer feel. To add more dimension to the look you can throw in a beanie on your head.

So how do you wear your denim shirts?


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